'Gossip Girl's' 'While You Weren't Sleeping': 'The Upper East Side Story'


To borrow one of Blair's lines from "Gossip Girl's" Feb. 21 episode, "While You Weren't Sleeping," We think someone Freaky Friday'd us.Nate and Rufus both had a purpose! That didn't involve holding a tray or asking questions to move a storyline forward! This is some serious progress, you guys. Maybe next week Nate will become a real boy while Rufus will continue his season-long audition for "Real Househusbands of The Upper East Side." Sadly, he didn't flip a table this episode, but he did stage a fake-fight, an integral ingredient for reality television.We also learned Blair's new batch of minions are basically the worst minions ever. Where is Nelly Yuki when you need her?! We are officially requesting Gossip Girl hire someone else to write her one-liners as they are just getting laughably bad. Let's get into it Upper East Siders, here are our ten favorite quotes and moments from "While You Weren't Sleeping":No. 10: Gossip Girl Word Count...



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