HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Garbage Island” Review

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER "Garbage Island" Season 6 Episode 17 – So if anyone still thought that Zoey might be the mother of Ted’s children, tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother put all that speculation to rest. Like I mentioned last week, I had little interest in the Zoey and Ted relationship storyline because I knew it would go nowhere, so now that the writers have officially put the words into Ted’s mouth, I’m even more anxious for their relationship to quickly wrap up so we can move on.

The Captain not knowing the identity of the lothario that stole Zoey away from him and then unwittingly finding consolation in the guilty Ted, is a variation on a standard RomCom plot that’s been done to the point of cliche. Nevertheless, I still think it was important for Ted to face the Captain and hear the other side of the story. Especially so he could understand that his happiness came at the cost of another man’s despair. I have to imagine that given Ted’s history – particularly his relationship with Stella and knowing what it’s like to feel like someone was stolen away from you – it will be difficult for him to forget about the Captain when he’s with Zoey. Read More...


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