90210 Review: Annie Goes Feral!

"It's High Time" covered the sublime and the ridiculous.

Sublime because we got to finally witness stoned-out Ivy having fun; ridiculous because the rest of the episode was exactly that. Not only did Dixon, Liam and Navid drag Teddy to a gay club (called Mandate, no less!), but we discovered that Emily had her own dressing room (!?!); Naomi was rebuffed by a nerd; Adrianna’s reality pilot was described as "The Hills meet the Kardashians"; and Annie appeared to have been broken.

Maybe Teddy would have been better off without Navid, Liam and Dixon as friends if he’d known they were going to act like fools at a gay club in which he wasn’t even comfortable. 

Mandate looked like a cool spot, but definitely not for a bunch of uptight high school kids. How did they even get in? Teddy may look like the 30-year-old, but what about the others? The exchange between Liam and Teddy rang true enough and it was about as honest an exchange as those two have ever had. Boys night out indeed! Read More...



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