BEING HUMAN “It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong” Review

BEING HUMAN "It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong" Episode 6 – Things certainly went wrong in this week’s episode of BEING HUMAN. First, the trick that Sally played on Danny by returning the ring to his apartment had unintended consequences for Bridget. Then Aidan’s lust and draw to Rebecca landed Josh’s sister Emily in the hospital. The show began by asking if being a monster was really all that different than being human. Well, the struggles seem to be the same, but the aftermath tends to be uglier.

It was a rather shocking and sad moment when Sally previously admitted that Danny had killed her. Even more sad was that it was merely over losing her engagement ring. I was kind of surprised by this revelation as I had thought that Sally and Danny had been so in love and she seemed to relish the times he would come to the house. Now I realize that it made perfect sense because why else would she be trapped in the house. What will Sally have to do, though, to open the door to what’s next? I suppose if my fiance killed me and I was a ghost trapped in the same clothes and in the same place, aside from occaisonal jaunts to other places, I would have revenge fantasies too. At least Aidan was wise enough to convince Sally he would do it himself and then try to talk her out of it later. However, it is not until Sally meets that 20 year old ghost who spends virtually every minute torturing the guy that she believes is responsible for her death, that Sally realizes what Aidan was saying. Seeing Bridget with bruises also served as a reminder that her actions, or tricks, have consequences for others. How much of a jerk is Danny? Did he really think Bridget went and got the ring out of a river? Read More...


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