CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Masquerade” Review

CHUCK "Chuck Versus The Masquerade" Season 4 Episode 16 – After last week’s dreadful instalment, Chuck had really hit an all time low. I was interested in seeing how it could possibly crawl out of the gutter and was therefore pleasantly surprised by a enjoyable episode which set up a major arc to finish off the season (and possibly series) with…well, with what I’m not quite sure.

Fresh off of her stint on Vampire Diaries, Lauren Cohen is introduced as Vivian McArthur, the secret daughter and heir of Volkoff. She has, unknowingly to her, been training to be a spy all her life, from blackbelts to learning a variety of languages to equestrian school. Volkhoff of course went to great lengths to keep her existence a secret, but when Volkoff’s upper echelons of henchmen/woman are murdered in search of a "key", it is clear that McArthur is next. It’s up to the old team to protect her, and as masquerade non-orgies and equestrian assassinations go, they did a pretty good job (though the horse-riding action scenes were just awful). Read More...


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