PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “The Badass Seed” Review

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "The Badass Seed" Episode 18 – Things sure got more interesting on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS this week, didn’t they? First we find out that Jenna turned Toby in and not because she thought he had anything to do with Allison’s death, but to keep him closer. Pretty creepy. We also got a glimpse into just how off and abusive Toby and Jenna’s relationship really is. Did you see how he kind of flinched when telling Spencer that Jenna gets really mad when he touches her stuff? Spencer’s sister may have threatened to cut off her fingers for taking her hairbrush, but something tells me that Jenna probably threatened and did far worse.

We also learned that Allison may not have been the first girl that was harmed while Ian was nearby. Why Aria and Hanna are just remembering this now is beyond me. Even Spencer looked amazed that they did not link the two together. I am sure she is going to revoke their Nancy Drew cards any minute. The girls also touched upon something that has always bothered me. Where was Allison during the fire at Jenna’s? She suddenly appears out of nowhere and claims to have no idea what is going on. Similarly, at the frat party she also appears out of nowhere after the fact. Both times, Allison takes over to "save" the girls from being questioned or caught, but is that really what she is doing? Read More...


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