90210 “It’s High Time” Review

90210 "It’s High Time" Season 3 Episode 16 – It’s high time all right on this week’s episode of 90210 and Ivy is enjoying the ride. I guess this season the writers have decided to make her a pot head. A big enough pot head in fact that when her mother takes away the apparent large stash of marijuana they have in the house, Ivy finds herself a doctor to write a script for medical marijuana. From there we have the trip to the pot store where they sell everything from BBQ sauce with pot in it to suckers with pot in them. There Ivy meets Raj, a boy who steals cookies out from under her and shows her the amazingness of being under a flying plane. What a trip. And this is all because Dixon won’t take her back? I find this hard to believe. It is not like they were a couple that had been going out forever.

In non drug news, Adrianna’s life is ruined. Maybe you have heard. I am not sure if it is Navid that ruined it or the alleged whore that slept with Navid, but it is definitely ruined. Her career, the one that was based on lies and deception, is gone and it is Navid’s fault. Her reality show based on her failed career and lies and deception won’t get off the ground and it is Navid’s fault. Her over all horrible life? That is the whore’s fault. Sound stupid? That is because it is. Could we please bring back the nonselfish, sensitive and caring Ade? The one that we see glimpses of when she is feeling sorry for Emily? I also do not understand this earring thing. Just because she found it on the floor does not mean Navid was having sex with someone (please ignore the fact that he was). Why couldn’t Silver have immediately said "oh no, that is mine. I am constantly losing it and must have dropped it when I was over there. No whore at all"? Silver and Navid are friends. It wouldn’t be unusual for them to hang out. Instead we now have the dramatics of Adrianna finding out it was Silver in her reality show footage. This won’t end well. Read More....



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