'Law & Order: UK' 3.06 'Masquerade' Review

I missed out on a lot of things when I was in college, but I'm pretty happy that I was never stabbed to death. The same can't be said for a kid named Archie Rahman, whose murder is the case of the week for Matt and Ronnie. Cue theme tune that I always seem to get stuck in my head every Friday night.

As is usual with college kids and the things they get into (unless you're me, member of the Sociology Honor Society and chess nerd extraordinaire), there's no shortage of possibilities as to how Archie met his end. Thankfully, things are narrowed down considerably when a library book is recovered at the scene of the crime, and traced to one Rebecca Anderson. She passes the book off on a friend named Sally Douglas, who's quickly arrested once her fingerprints incriminate her. Sally insists that she was drugged, assaulted and committed the crime in self-defense - a story that, unfortunately, happens so often that, as DI Chandler points out, "It wouldn't be the first time someone lied about being raped." Read More...



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