Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #07 - Review

Rio's gate battle in the previous episode, while not terribly exciting overall, is certainly something that can cause a drain on a person. It's a very active event and it's got her fairly worn down afterwards. Rio's the type to keep going at it though since she has so many people she wants to protect at the resort, friends and family alike, even at the physical and mental cost to herself. Those around her understand this as well which is why they get rather furious with Cartia for pushing a second gate battle so quickly in her efforts to acquire the Howard Resort and all that it has. The girls, and Howard, are all fairly helpless at this point to do all that much to stop it.

The Sky Resort so far hasn't introduced much that I've cared for, compared to the more traditional (mostly) Howard Resort that the first episodes showed. Some of those games were certainly wacky, but here it goes in an even stranger direction, from the virtual game in the previous episode to the larger jumping/flying game that we get at the start here. The shift away from the more traditional gambling aspects have reduced interest a bit as well since I found all of that to be a lot of fun. Still, there's something to be said for the creativity of the matches at times and having Rio and Queen dressed up as different creatures, Rio as a flying squirrel of all things, going at it in the air does have its moments. Read More...


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