Vampire Knight Vol. #4 - Review

Ichiru reveals his motives in attacking Zero and his alliance to Shizuka, the one who killed Zero’s parents and turned him to a vampire – it basically boils down to simple jealousy, both of Zero as a person, and the fact that Shizuka doesn’t want to turn him into a vampire. With Zero slowly descending into becoming a Level E vampire, Yuki recalls Maria's proposal to save Zero: either give Maria her blood or kill Kaname. Whilst Yuki decides on her choice, the ball is going on – which actually gives us a few good comedy moments and brings in a number of the vampires back into the play (Ruka being the one I enjoyed the most in her ‘rejection’ scene). Kaname gives Yuki a ball dress, and during the ball, they dance on the terrace. It’s interesting when you watch the end of the series what this relationship between Yuki and Kaname seems to be, whether love, friendship or something more intriguing. The story leaves it open to interpretation especially considering the sequel hook and when Hanabusa and Akatsuki find Shizuka’s ‘real’ body...


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