Beelzebub Episode #07 - Review

Beelzebub has a variety of different approaches it can take in any given episode, especially with all the demonic things like what we saw in the previous episode with the toys. But what I find works the best is when they shove Beel and Oga into normal parenting roles and they have to cope with it because of their personalities more than anything else. Case in point is this episode which has Oga's mother suggesting that the two go to the park for a 'Park Debut.' This is an alien concept to Oga and Hilda, but it's a necessity for many parents where you take your kids to the park and let them interact, socialize and play together with other kids. Oga's not about to go to this special hell on his own so he grabs Furuichi to go along with him as well. There's something adorable about the two young men and Beel sitting together on the bench. Read More....


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