One Piece Episode #488 - Review

One Piece has had a whole lot going on and one of the main parts of this arc has come to a rather striking conclusion with the deaths that have happened. It hasn't exactly quieted down overall, but it's had some lulls to it that have let things settle a bit so that we can get a feel for where things stand. Sadly, Luffy has been comatose during most of this since Ace's death and that's been something of a disappointment since his reactions and overall push to do things helps to propel the series along. That said, there's been so much going on here with so many characters involved that a little less Luffy time after such a heart rending incident is not necessarily a bad thing. It's given others a chance to shine and to show the lengths they'll go to in order to keep him safe after Ace and Whitebeard's deaths. Read More...


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