Wandering Son Episode #04 - Review

As Wandering Son progresses, you really get a feel for a kind of storytelling that you often don't see in anime. While slice of life sows are out there in full force every season, few feel as true and honest as this one does. Most tend to spend time with brightly colored characters doing mundane but interesting things as they go from one minor event to another. There's most definitely a charm to it and we've seen a good many of them and enjoyed them. But Wandering Son provides an undercurrent of sadness and tension to it as the lead characters try to go through their days and lives with varying degrees of secrets that they either find shameful or difficult to express without being ridiculed. Though it's not always out there, there's a kind of trapped feeling about them that permeates much of their expression that's profoundly sad even as they do normal things. Read More...



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