Castle 3.16 "Setup" Review

Was this episode insanely brilliant or what, Castle fans?

I have to say it’s a relief that I can finally discuss it with you guys and boy, there is a lot to talk about. First of all, I love the premise of Castle. I love that it’s that kind of show that when an episode ends you had an entire hour of great entertainment and I honestly think that Castle fits the category "dramedy" perfectly.

That said, I absolutely love when they step out of their comfort zone and do episodes like last night’s "Setup". Once again, they have proved they can do suspense and action as well as they do comedy and emotional. It had been a while since I was on the edge of my seat during an entire episode (this season’s "3XK" was probably the only one that came close to it) and the comparison to last season’s two-parter is inevitable. Both episode combos dealt with intense plot lines with that underlying current of relationship between the characters. Last year, they were trying to catch a serial killer; this year, our dynamic duo is faced with a very real terrorist threat that puts a whole lot more people in a whole lot of danger. Read More...


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