Chuck 4.16 "Chuck vs the Masquerade" Recap

"Chuck vs the Masquerade" opens in Samara, Russia.  A man gets into the back of a car and asks the driver, Jurek, if he has heard of the whereabouts of a key.  Volkoff didn't give it to him, Jurek answers.  Volkoff must have "chosen Anotnia."  That was evidently the incorrect answer as the man kills Jurek.  Cut to Perugia, Italy.  The same man kisses a beautiful woman passionately.  She pulls gun on him and says she knows what happened to Jurek.  She tries to fire the gun, but there are no bullets.  The man shows her the bullets he removed from her gun an kills her.  Next stop: Bremen, Germany.  The man tells Chrisoph he is the last of Volkoff's lieutenants.  Christoph swears he doesn't have key, but he knows who does.

Echo Park.  Morgan puts the finishing touches to the tons of Valentine's Day decor he has laid out for his and Chuck's shared night of love for their respective ladies.  He and Chuck review the evening's schedule:  Morgan is to start in the living room with Alex while Chuck and Sarah in bedroom.  Then at 9:30, they are to switch so Morgan and Alex can spend some time in the bedroom while Chuck and Sarah settle in for a viewing of Love Actually.  The two share a fist bump for their excellent planning. Read More...


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