MIKE AND MOLLY “Joyce & Vince and Peaches & Herb” Review

MIKE AND MOLLY "Joyce & Vince and Peaches & Herb" Season 1 Episode 17 - Okay! This week’s episode of Mike and Molly wasn’t really one of my favorites. It was a cute episode, in the way that Mike and Molly is always cute. The quirkiness
of the show was there; but for some reason "Joyce & Vince and Peaches & Herb" just really didn’t jump out at me the way most of the episodes of Mike and Molly do.

Basically, Molly wants to go out more, and Mike is very content sitting on the couch and not leaving the house. So Molly takes matters into her own hands and goes out on a Friday night with Victoria. When Mike arrives to surprise Molly with Thai take out he realizes that she’s gone out without him; and sees her mother and Vince in a situation that you should NEVER see your girlfriend’s mother. Read More....



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