OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 5 Review

OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 5 - This week was when the various storylines started to converge somewhat, leading to a very surprising cliff hanger.

When a crazy man, Pak, starts throwing diamonds around like small change and then takes off into the wilderness, Cass and Fleur follow. They soon realise that Pak is actually the first man to have supposedly set foot on Carpathia – a man long thought dead. He leads them to the sea, which washes up cut diamonds, and then dies without explaining his reasons for bringing them there.

Stella and Jack go looking for Cass and Fleur. The bonding experience eases some of the tension between them, especially after Stella saves Jack’s life when he has a reaction to an insect bite. They eventually find Cass and Fleur but spot something else before they leave – the fossilized bones of three humanoids and a fossil of a fish. Read More...



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