HARRY’S LAW “Bangers in the House” Review

HARRY’S LAW "Bangers in the House" Episode 6 – I’ll say this for "Bangers in the House": at least it wasn’t completely freaking implausible. I mean, sure, Harry (Kathy Bates) went a little Howard Stern by getting two rival gangs to sit down together in one room to hash out their differences so she could play neighborhood mediator. And yeah, those very same rough-n-ready homies from da ‘Nati ended up civilly voting her off the chair (would have been funnier if the motion had been carried by, say, a three-to-two margin) in favor of a more "street" mediator, like, say, Malcolm (Aml Ameen–more on him later). That sound you just heard was me snickering.

But what was really unbelievable was the fact that the ‘bangers were plied and refreshed with generic beverages. "RT Cola?" What? Doesn’t NBC believe in product placement any more? It’s like a piece of the America that I know and love had been taken away from me. When will the liberal media stop feeding me lies? Read More...



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