'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'The Badass Seed'

Was I the only one who thought we were going to go an entire episode without a creepy text message from A? Of course, it wasn't to be, as the girls' phones simultaneously blew up while on their way to the police station but, boy, it was a close one. Let's look back at how the girls ended up in the back of a police cruiser.

Hanna finally gets the guts to ask mom, Ashley, if Caleb can stay with them for a while. Ashley isn't totally convinced that Caleb is the best company for Hanna. She ultimately decides letting Caleb stay in the guest room is a no go. Lucky for Caleb, the basement is still an option, so long as this secret is one Hanna can keep. Caleb sneaks around, hopping into the shower once Ashley has left for work, and in a twisted turn of events, Hanna ends up in the shower with him...fully clothed. Ashley returns home and needs to sneak in to grab her phone (which she charges in the bathroom because their massive house has no other outlets?) so Hanna, who's in the bathroom grabbing her mascara, jumps in the shower to cover her tracks but not without sneaking a glimpse of Caleb's Taylor Lautner-esque assets, if you know what I mean... All this sexual tension finally reaches its boiling point a few days later when the pair share their first kiss. YEEESSSSSSS!!!! Read More...



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