Gossip Girl Recap: I Always Knew You Read Too Much Shakespeare to Be Sane

From the narrator's constant and inexplicable Rolling Stones references (has someone in the writers' room been reading Life?) to the discombobulating spectacle of Blair and Dan's burgeoning chemistry, last night's episode of Gossip Girl made us feel, at times, like we were experiencing a temporary neurological disorder (or having an ether flashback). Consider the following dizzying piece of dialogue, which occurred upon Blair's arrival at the Van der Bass Humphreys' (?) 18th birthday party for Eric.

Serena: "Blair, what were you thinking?
Blair: "That I would arrive at this party and be greeted appropriately?"
Dan: "I know you only admitted you needed me so you could make me your drug mule."
Blair: "That Stickie was for Penelope. Frankly, with her attitude, she could use some time behind bars."
Dan: "So that's it? There's no, 'I'm sorry I could have gotten you arrested'?"
Blair: "Well, you're here. The party is lovely. Everything obviously turned out fine."

Even if you already knew this conversation was being conducted because Serena was mad at Blair for (apparently accidentally) sending Dan to retrieve a batch of coke-filled tulips that Eric said he'd retrieve for a drug dealer after said dealer threatened to expose Eric and Serena's mother for forging an affidavit that put Serena's ex-teacher who is now her boyfriend in prison for three years, the tone at the very least is confusing. Were the writers attempting to make the audience feel disoriented, on par with sleep-deprived Blair? Or have they lost their minds entirely? By keeping the characters immutable and the story structure unrelenting, and piling story lines on top of each other, are they actually attempting to make this show into a parody of itself? Only in the fullness of time, when historians and scholars have studied the Gossip Girl texts, will we truly know the answers to these questions. Until then, all we can do is compliment and judge the accuracy of the minor details in our weekly reality index! Read More....



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