THE BACHELOR: Hometown Visits

If you watched THE BACHELOR Monday night, I’m guessing you weren’t at all surprised by who went home. Going to the hometowns of the women is always a little awkward and I can’t imagine the weirdness for the contestants as they introduce the bachelor to their families for the first time on camera. Plus, imagine being the girl he picks in the end and then having to see him getting along so well with the other families? Eek.

But during tonight’s episode, it became crystal clear one woman was having a really hard time bringing Brad into her life and she wouldn’t be part of the competition for long.

Poor Shawntel N. She was doomed as soon as she took Brad to her job, which just happened to be at a funeral home. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a grown man look so petrified as Brad did on their tour, and she completely lost him when she had him lay down on her table and she showed him her embalming tools. Read More...


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