'The Chicago Code' 1.03 'Gillis, Chase & Babyface' Review

The Chicago Code certainly doesn't start soft. This week, we're thrown right into a bank robbery, onto a train and led to the dead body of one of the perpss, all within the first four minutes. This is before we revisit the political demands of Teresa's job and Liam's undercover pressures. Seven minutes in, a guy's getting beaten. I, for one, love this kind of show, the type that forces the audience to hit the ground running and hang on for the ride. We clamor for smarter television every day; well, here it is. Now watch it.

Jarek brings Teresa another bit of information from Liam: a construction company with dubious motivations and a fat city contract. Given last week, however, she's skeptical to immediately tie the situation to Alderman Gibbons, so she asks for some legwork before they arrive at any conclusions. Yet when Gibbons mentions the company to Teresa in a meeting, it makes her raise an eyebrow and resolve to push harder. Her chief of staff is the first person to suspect that she may be at odds with Gibbons; it's great to see that her actions aren't going unnoticed, and she's not impervious to criticism simply because she's one of our protagonists. We see her being willing to shut down a construction site and put the squeeze on the company's boss, but we also see that such bold actions have consequences, not just for her but even for Alderman Gibbons. For the first time, we see him under pressure and realize that he isn't necessarily always the top of the food chain. The ongoing story is far-reaching, complex and so far, it's never gone the way I think it's going to; for every series that thinks it wants or needs a mythology, The Chicago Code should stand as an example of how to do such a thing right. Read More...



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