90210 3.16 "It's High Time" Review

It's official. Emily has made 90210 unbearable to watch.

Not in the sense that the show is bad now after a great season, but because Emily has proved to be a great foil for Annie and I cannot wait for the bitch to be taken down. If Emily had of been on the show as long as He Who Shall Not Be Named was during Season Two, I probably would be singing a different tune. However, Emily's expulsion from West Bev has to be right around the corner, because she's gone into psycho mode and there is only one way to go after reaching such a level: down into the pits of Hell. Side note: Why hasn't Dixon stepped up and backed Annie's claims about Emily's Melrose Place-ish tendencies? If there was any time for him to make up for the whole Naomi/Liam/Prom Night thing, it would be now. Read More...



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