Supernatural Meta Sneak Peek: Sam & Dean Go Behind the Scenes of 'Supernatural'

Sam and Dean get transported by Balthazar into an alternate universe where they are forced to act like Jared and Jensen, the actors who play them on a show called Supernatural.  Non-regular fans of the show are probably scratching their heads and going "huh?", while others may be saying "no, seriously, isn't that a fanfic plot?"

Trust me, people, it works.  Maybe only on Supernatural, but it works.  In the clip below, Sam and Dean take a brief stroll behind the scenes of the Supernatural set while Sam explains his theory on where they are.  I love the whole "apparently not many people watch our show" line from Jared.  Is there any other show that can make fun of itself as well as Supernatural does?  Dean, naturally, is just pissed that some poor girl put makeup on him and the fact that his beloved Impala is but one of many props. Read More...


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