'The Good Wife': America Ferrera, please come back


America Ferrera and Jerry Stiller joined "The Good Wife" for a pair of guest-starring roles. We give America a big thumbs up and Jerry a big thumbs down, though it wasn't his fault. It was the character we didn't like. Case of the WeekGary Cole is back as Kurt McVeigh. Diane's speechlessness when she spots him is adorable. Kurt is being sued by Jason Beltran, a man freed because of a crime lab mix-up or a frame job, depending on who you ask. He was either involved in a bank robbery where cops were shot or he was an innocent bystander.Tommy Segara is the attorney for Beltran, who claims the cops framed Beltran and got the crime lab to fabricate evidence and McVeigh to change his testimony. His insistence that Diane not be the pretty face defending them gets her to take the case for McVeigh.Diane and McVeigh have some gun-fueled sexy time before he...



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