GLEE “Blame It on the Alcohol” Review

GLEE "Blame It on the Alcohol" Season 2 Episode 14 – On tonight’s alcohol-fueled episode of Glee, Principal Figgins attempted to raise awareness about the dangers of underage drinking. He enlisted New Directions to sing for the school despite their history of disastrous performances at assemblies. With their performance of "Tik and also Tok" by "Ke-dollar-sign-ha" cut short by purple projectile vomiting, I think their record of train wreck school assemblies is intact, although apparently it was enough to scare the kids of McKinley High straight.

Speaking of train wrecks, the "Rachel Berry Train Wreck House Party Extravaganza" got off to a slow start, but things quickly got crazy after the kids decided to bust into Rachel’s dads’ liquor cabinet. The spin the bottle kiss between Rachel and Blaine was surprisingly intense and led to an awesome duet of "Don’t You Want Me." It reminded me a little bit of the days of Rachel and Jesse St. James, and hopefully Glee will find a way for Rachel and Blaine to sing together again. The unexpected kiss also led to Blaine briefly questioning his sexuality. I was sure Rachel the drama queen would freak out on Blaine after he declared "Yep, I’m gay. One hundred percent gay" but she was excited to channel the experience into her songwriting. Good for her! Read More...


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