This Weeks 'Biggest Losers' Make The Ultimate Sacrifice

Last week was rough for everyone on The Biggest Loser campus, and this episode starts out where the last one left off. The Red team is still sitting around the elimination table, when Alison announces that something is going to change this week. She pulls the Black team in to reveal that, this week, two people are going to be going home. As usual, the team that loses the least amount will vote to send someone home, but there will also be a red line. Whoever falls below will be sent home. No questions, no negotiation. How will this season's team deal with that? So far, they've negotiated and sacrificed and saved each other. Let's see how they handle under pressure, shall we?

No Front Here

Afterward, Brett and Cara meet the Red team outside and act shocked when they hear about this week's catch. Cara does a much better job of looking surprised than she usually does. Good job, Cara. Brett vows that there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY anyone from his team is going home this week. So he takes them all to Bas Rutton's mixed martial arts training gym. Brett: "As we say in New York, there's no front here." Really, Brett? Really? Read More...


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