'Biggest Loser': What'd you think of gain-a-palooza?


It was a red line week on "Biggest Loser: Couples" and you know what that means. Two people will be going home. The person who lost the least amount of weight would go home immediately. Then, the losing team would have to send home one of its own.As a result of the double elimination, Marci convenes the Black team for a meeting with basically one purpose: To say that she would do anything to keep her daughter and the other young people on the ranch and to get a temperature on where the other two parents stood. That was a lot more clear-cut than she actually put it, by the way. Deni agrees quickly, but Jesse and Arthur could smell the blood in the water. We're not going to lie. On several occasions, Jesse's stubborn reactions to his teammates have rubbed us the wrong way. But in this case, we felt he had a reason to...



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