'Southland' Season 3, Episode 8 Recap

Tonight's episode was grim as Sammy turned vigilante and John revealed more about why he became a cop, but it was enlivened by a turn from guest star Kay Lenz as a boozy, washed-up actress who sees another chance at stardom by testifying in a murder trial.

This season has been a race to see who breaks down first: Pill-popping John or hothead Sammy. The good money seemed to be on Sammy, who's not only had an unfaithful b**** of a wife (she's got to be the least likeable character on TV), but had to deal with the murder of his partner and, worse, not being able to I.D. the correct suspect.

In tonight's episode, Sammy followed the suspect to his job, abducted him, drove him out to the desert and made him dig his own grave. Read More...



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