'Teen Mom 2' recap: Helter Skelter Shelter

Last night's episode showed us the growing divide between the independent and dependent moms. In one corner, we had Kailyn and Jenelle, who are struggling to break out on their own with new homes and a solid education. And in the other corner were Chelsea, who constantly looks to her dad, best friend, or boyfriend; and Leah, who seems about as ready for marriage as she is for another baby.

After announcing to Jo and his parents last week that she was planning to move out on her own and take Isaac with her, Kailyn is making some headway. Jo's mom was supportive, which was surprising at first since her moving out meant breaking up their family, but then I realized that she was probably just happy to end the constant fighting at home. Off Kay went to look at apartments. Unfortunately, there was nothing in her $400-a-month budget. Well, nothing that would accommodate her and Isaac. It wasn't just about getting a decent place for a baby. There were other questions to consider: Would she be able to fit a bed and a crib? Could she afford to give Isaac a bath? And so she decided that she'd need a second job to cover the costs. Jo tried his darnedest -- which meant barely -- to get them all to move out together. Call me cynical, but I think it's more about a bruised ego to Jo. Kailyn dumped him, and he just didn't like not having the last word. Read More...



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