'Glee' recap: The Wasted Talent

If you're anything like me, when you heard there was going to be an episode dedicated to underage drinking, you probably didn't have high expectations. In fact, my reaction was probably: "Lord, strangle me now with the ghost of 'Home.'" The surprise? I felt like the characters on Glee thought it was corny to be lecturing everyone on underage drinking; thus, it canceled out the corniness of them lecturing everyone on underage drinking. Make sense? That's okay; that's why we love Glee. So let's take a look at this episode that tackled the wet devil and gave us four fun songs by completely plastered performers.

There was an epidemic at McKinley. No, not head lice. (Though, I'm not surprised that's immediately where Schuester's mind went; there's no way that curly event atop his head hasn't acted as a breeding ground at least once.) Drinking on school grounds and public drunkenness was becoming an issue. And being a school administrator, Principal Figgins thought an Alcohol Awareness Week and an assembly would solve their problems. (Personally, those always drove me to alcohol.) Nonetheless, the episode needed a theme, this was it, and Schuester had to find a song for the kids to sing that would be in keeping with said message of a dry lifestyle. Read More...



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