The Good Wife Review: "Silver Bullet"

From the topic of illegal aliens, to accusations that the Tea Party is racist, to jokes about Sarah Palin in 2012 and a question I never expected to hear on primetime television (Why do you hate Jesus?), "Silver Bullet" was another strong, mature, intelligent episode of The Good Wife.

It's possible I've written that before.

But it continues to be true week after week. As usual, we were thrust right into a story on this episode; no time wasted, no scene set, simply a shot of Diane at work, drilling her underlings (a bit too hard for Will's taste) and focused on the task at hand...

... until a tall, gun-loving drink of water named Kurt McVeigh strolled back into her life.

Played perfectly by Gary Cole, McVeigh serves as the ideal love interest for Diane. We know very little about this partner outside of work, making her school girl-like crush on this Tea Partier a joy to watch. I smiled at her initial reaction when seeing Kurt in the office, and then laughed out loud when she realized he had not yet signed the retainer, meaning she could "depose" her would-be client one more time - if you know what I mean! Read More...


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