'Good Wife': High-caliber 'Bullet'

The Good Wife emphasized the personal lives and feelings of its protagonists this week, and after last week’s tense Kalinda’s-secrets outing, Tuesday night’s edition, titled "Silver Bullet," was an hour that let us catch our breath and catch up with other characters.

Most prominent among these was Christine Baranski’s Diane, who still goes all swoony at the sight of Tea Partying, gun-loving ballistics expert Kurt McVeigh, played so well by Gary Cole. (The secret to Cole’s performance, I’ve realized, is that he plays McVeigh as though he was a character in a Western, while all the city slickers around him gawp — it’s a shrewd acting choice.)

The plot involved revisiting an earlier case at which McVeigh may have given false or mistaken testimony. Getting the stubborn, prideful McVeigh to admit on the stand that he may have made an error was the challenge. The sub-plot was Diane and Kurt’s attraction to each other. Middle-aged love affairs are so rarely seen in prime time that I congratulate The Good Wife, even as I envision, with irritation, sniffy young ad-buyers lowering CBS’ rates for skewing "old." Read More...



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