Raising Hope 1.14 "What's Up, Cuz?" Review

Grudges can cause a lot of problems for those involved. It can cause friends to become enemies and can even tear apart families. A major grudge can even cause a family member to lie about another just to stay on top. When Virginia's cousin Delilah (guest star Amy Sedaris) comes into town to get her half of Maw Maw's inheritance, the family does all they can to make sure they keep the home and Maw Maw safe. Filled with a crazy goose chase, pharmaceutical drugs, and and a campfire in the living room, Raising Hope attempts to keep fans laughing but, does it work? Strap a boot on your head and read on to find out.

The main story this week was quite unique. Delilah and Virginia have been feuding cousins since they were children growing up. We can see the Virginia is some what envious and jealous of Delilah, as she was able to afford nice clothes and have "fancy" jobs. However, Virginia was able to get the big prize as she was the one who dated, and subsequently married Burt after a trip to the lake. This jumping off point really let the viewers see how much grudge between the two women has grown. However, after the origin story told by Virginia, the rest of the story fell flat. While Sedaris did a great job as the semi crazy cousin, I felt no connection to the story at all and at times wished it would just end. Burt, while being the focal point of the grudge, had little humorous moments and was poorly utilized this week. If not for the great return of Maw Maw at the end, this story would not have stuck in my mind. Read More...



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