THE GOOD WIFE “Silver Bullet” Review

THE GOOD WIFE "Silver Bullet" Season 2 Episode 15 – Many love lives are brought to the forefront of yet another delightful, savoury episode filled with moral ambiguities and clever twists. Eli finds himself actually liking a key political weapon whose life he must destroy in order to advance his game. Diane’s bullet testing lover boy Kurt (Gary Coleman) makes a return, fighting a thirty six million dollar law suit after he is accused of providing false evidence. Kalinda is getting anonymous phone calls…guess from who. And Alicia’s daughter Grace is having a crisis of faith. She wants to know why Alicia does not love Jesus.

America Ferrara is so damn likeable. So was her character. I guess that was the point. This is unfortunate because for the first time since he first appeared on screen as Peter’s campaign advisor, I really wanted Eli to lose. Ferrara plays a young graduate student of economic blah blah blah, financing her degree by nannying. She’s pretty much the perfect American. However, she’s an illegal immigrant. She’s lived in the United States since she was two. And she’s taken care of Wendy Scott Carr’s kids, which essentially puts a target on her back. Read More...


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