'White Collar' 2.14 'Payback' Recap And Review

This week's episode of White Collar has a bit to live up to: it follows after the outstanding "Countermeasures," boasts the return of bad guy Matthew Keller (Ross McCall, last seen in Season 1's "Bottlenecked"), and must satisfy the added anticipation that comes with there being two weeks between installments.

Neal and Peter are not happy that Keller is trying to score a deal by pitching information about national security, especially he will only talk to the two of them. Both of them call BS, but are obligated to visit him anyway. In the relative discomfort of his cell, Keller invites Neal to play a chess match with him, while confiding that he doesn't want to waste away in a supermax prison. He asks if they're familiar with the French term for "move of last resort," and offers up information on a maker of false passports in exchange for not being shipped off to a tougher home. Of course, this all seems way too easy, especially when Keller hints at this being the start of a longer relationship between himself and the Bureau. He's definitely playing an angle.

Peter is embarrassed when he forgets to pick up the dry cleaning the next morning. This starts a minor tiff between himself and Elizabeth, but because they are awesome, even their fights are cute. Read More...



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