'The Game' 4.07 'You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello' Recap and Review

The Game set up plenty of intriguing storylines last week; it paid them off this week. In a season that's been mired in drama, there might not be laughs this week, but there is a pleasant reminder that these characters are still the people we fell in love with, beginning with...

Kelly & Jason

Kelly is venting into the camera about her marriage to Jason when the object of her irritation shows up, looking smart and with their smart-mouthed child in tow. Kelly may not be civil with her ex-husband, but she's all too happy to cash his check. Unfortunately for her, this time she's not getting a check; it's a cease-and-desist order to keep his name out of her reality show, since their marriage had a confidentiality agreement that she's now repeatedly violating. Her response to this? To change her name to Kelly Devereaux. Yet Jason is undeterred; he reminds her, gloating (as this is Jason), that given the title of said reality series, without him, she doesn't have a show.

This is proven right when her producer later abandons her, leading Kelly to make a play for attention by jumping onto the stage at a club and doing things that make Melanie's mouth hang open. The resulting video goes viral, but even she admits it makes her "look like a whore." Needless to say, that draws Jason's ire for the second time, as he shows her that their daughter is taking after her. He shows Kelly several inappropriate pictures of their daughter on the Internet. This is a reality check for Kelly, shocking her speechless, especially when he threatens to take sole custody of Brittany if her behavior doesn't improve. Read More...



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