'Hellcats' Recap: 'Fancy Dan'

I think we all knew when Dan rambled off in his pick-up truck with heartbreak in hand at the end of 2010, he'd come back and stir the pot of Lancer drama. Well, that ship sailed last night when he rolled into town to serve as the best man at his dad's wedding.

Wanda, the hired wedding planner, can't help but get herself all up in Marti's business by volunteering Marti to sing Rolling Stones covers at the reception in an attempt to get Marti and Dan together. Real slick. Marti can't say no and has a heart-to-heart with Savannah about Dan coming home. Cue Savannah's crazy eyes when Marti says she doesn't know how she feels about Dan. Since Savannah lives her life with a competitive state of mind, she tells Marti the only way to resolve the Dan drama is for both of them to go to the wedding and throw themselves at Dan to see who he likes best. Ummm…yeah. Thank goodness Savannah is able to get a hair appointment at the last minute!

Back in the annoying storyline of Vanessa, Derrick and Red, Derrick, who apparently is a member of the Army Reserve, gets news that he is being deployed overseas in 24 hours and asks Vanessa to tie the knot before he leaves. She agrees, but isn't stoked. Who would be when her feelings are still stuck on a former flame? She talks to Red hoping he'll tell her not to marry Derrick, but he gives her some wishy-washy "follow your heart" answer, leaving Vanessa pouting like a kindergartner who didn't get her favorite color crayon. The next day she freaks out, won't sign the marriage license and admits she has a thing for Red. Derrick takes it surprisingly well, making her feel even worse and leaves her crying alone in the bedroom. Peace out, Derrick, it was fun while it lasted. Read More...



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