No Ordinary Family: "No Ordinary Proposal" Review

No Ordinary Family continues a good run of episodes with Jim facing off against a super strong villain. Meanwhile, Katie receives some surprising news and J.J. is given an offer he can't refuse. Roy Minor's (Anthony Michael Hall) origin as a super villain felt like something ripped straight from a comic book. Which, of course, is a good thing when you're dealing with a show that defines itself as part of that genre. If you told me Roy Minor was a potential story for a Spider-Man villain, I could believe it. Young Chris Minor, looking to save his father from life trapped in a wheelchair, steals a Super Serum. Not only does it heal Roy Minor's condition but it also gives him super strength! It's a great setup for a villain who also happens to have ties to the Powell family via Daphne, giving the story a personal touch. Even figuring out a way to defeat Roy Minor without destroying a city block in the ensuing battle was smartly written. George using the sweet science of boxing to teach Jim about how to use Roy aggressiveness against him was an intelligent idea. It's good to see other means, besides just brute force, used to defeat an enemy. One of the strengths of Spider-Man is Peter Parker's intelligence. On many occasions he has to use his intellect to defeat whoever he's fighting despite the fact that he already has the proportionate strength of a spider. You see it used in other books such as the Fantastic Four (The Future Foundation now?). Applying that kind of thinking to a show like No Ordinary Family seems only natural considering that one of the characters is a scientist and the other is super intelligent.  Read More...


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