House: "Two Stories" Review

In the opening segment of "Two Stories", there's a scene where two elementary school kids (a boy and a girl) are caught breaking the rules by a no-nonsense teacher and explicitly told to wait for the principal. When they approach a bench outside the principal's office, they find House already sitting down, waiting for his turn. "Who put sand in her vagina?" was House's charming way of making an introduction to the nonplussed 5th graders. However typical his question, this episode was a departure from the norm because much of it was told out-of-order from the doctor's skewed point-of-view. Over the course of the episode, both the kids andHouse revealed how each other wound up in trouble. I really enjoyed going along for the ride in this episode because it was light on medical jargon, heavy on crude humor and it pitted House against my favorite of his adversaries: children. One of the best things about a good TV show (or movie, book or video game) is living vicariously through the characters. Your life may be slipping away at a terrible job or inside an overheated classroom, but watching a well-written character do and say all the stuff you'd love to do and say works as a certain type of therapy. You can't get arrested for watching Raylan Givens blow away a hillbilly or Olivia Dunham gun down a shape-shifter, but you can cheer just the same. I'd love to be as cool under pressure as Don Draper and as brutally witty as Jack Donaghy, particularly in the midst of a business negotiation. But as a father, I think I'd prefer to be able to get away with being as rash, inappropriate and borderline insane as Dr. House when speaking to a bunch of snot-nosed brats at a hoity-toity elementary school. That's what happens when House attends Career Day - And it's also why he was sent to the principal's office.  Read More...


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