Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "The Citadel" Review

Ah, the simple pleasures… It's been great to see the last six episodes of The Clone Wars delve back into much more action-heavy, intense storylines, but there was still one notable aspect missing – clones! "The Citadel" made up for this, by once again bringing Clone Troopers back into action. And while they weren't the focus here, it was just nice to see the likes of Rex, Cody, Echo and Fives fighting alongside AnakinObi-Wan and Ahsokaagain. 

The idea that The Citadel was a prison built for Jedi "if any lost our way" was an intriguing one. The impression was this went back generations, and it hinted at all kinds of intriguing backstory. I also liked seeing more issues rising between Anakin and Ahsoka, as she bristled at him insisting she stay behind and what she felt was overly protective behavior. It's also interesting to ponder what Plo Koon was thinking, hearing Ahsoka say all this, as his response – "He is your master" – hinted at some concern.  Read More...


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