Nikita: "Alexandra" Review

Man I love this show. I sound like a broken record, but seriously, this was another awesome episode, coming off the heels of last week's awesome episode. As we learned last week with the underlying theme of Division agents-as-prostitutes, Nikita isn't afraid to touch on disturbing themes. This week was no different - along with an exciting team-up between Nikita and Michael and some information-rich flashbacks, we saw Alex live through a nightmare as she was captured by her former pimp, locked in an animal cage and hooked on drugs again. "Alexandra" was yet another example of solid storytelling that filled in a lot of the blanks in Alex's history, but opened up an entire new avenue for where the story could go in the future. I'm beginning to believe the creators of Nikita are telepathic. Every time I have a burning question about the show, they seem to come up with an answer in the very next episode. One of my biggest questions in the first half of the season was how they were going to get Nikita and Alex working together on a mission, when Alex was trapped inside Division and Nikita was Enemy #1. They solved the question early on in "Kill Jill" as the two covertly worked in tandem to ruin Division's plans. Now that Alex is an agent, their partnership is a little easier to maintain.  Read More...


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