The Real Housewives of Miami 1.01 "Paradise Cost" Review

Maybe I've been spoiled tremendously by the excess excellence of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, because tonight's premiere of Bravo's Real Housewives of Miami only left me unimpressed and yearning for another Gratuitous Giggy Moment to happen at any moment.

When I wrote about being "blasè" over the announcement of RHMIA, I didn't know that I was actually writing my review of the pilot without actually seeing the episode. My original sentiments remain the same surprisingly, because I seriously thought my initial reaction to the show's announcement would all be for naught and I would end up worshipping the ground these women walked on. Instead, I couldn't help but roll my eyes several times as the women tried to be both civilized and provocative at the same time and failed horribly at the task. Even the opening credits lacked flair, which is a given after the entertaining credits of RHOBH made the previous installments of the Housewives franchise seem like bad iMovie projects. Sigh...


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