'Survivor: Redemption Island': Boston Rob dislikes good sportsmanship


On the second episode of "Survivor: Redemption Island," Boston Rob switches tactics to take out a tribemate who is being a good sport. Hmph.OmetepeAfter her ouster, Francesca staggers off into the night to Redemption Island, where she finds her instructions about getting the basic provisions and then she settles down for the night. Meanwhile, Ome comes back from Tribal and Phillip takes Rob aside to say somethings from his heart. He also tells Rob that Rob "owns [his] vote." Yikes. Rob and his little cult of followers agree that Phillip is next to go.The next morning, Phillip goes crab hunting with a spear. The other tribemates watch him and do a little "Crocodile Hunter" narration. It's pretty funny, but it also just makes me feel bad for Phillip. Of course, then he starts crying in a talking-head about wearing his country's uniform and serving and earning the right to be called trustworthy and I don't...



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