White Collar 2.14 "Payback" Review

After a week off White Collar returns with "Payback," an episode that probably won’t stand out amid some of the season’s best but still had a lot to offer. Series like this, with fairly stagnant week-to-week storytelling — and I don’t mean that in a particularly bad way — always benefit from recurring villains and supporting players. Burn Notice, for all its narrative flaws, is pretty damn good at cycling through some fantastic villains who pop up once a season to raise some hell for Michael, Fiona and Sam. These are characters that don’t have to be involved in the larger ongoing narrative, but still serve as fun antagonists for 43 minutes every season.

"Payback" tries to kick off that approach for White Collar* by bring back Matthew Keller, who first appeared in last season’s "Bottlenecked" and although the character isn’t especially interesting or well-portrayed by Ross McCall, I still think he served a nice catalyst for a fairly entertaining episode and a few little solid beats for Neal. Read More...



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