THE MIDDLE “Hecks on a Plane” Review

THE MIDDLE "Hecks on a Plane" Season 2 Episode 16 - Sue wins a trip to New York, so the Hecks wreak havoc as some of the most annoying plane passengers ever in the "Hecks on a Plane" episode of THE MIDDLE.

I’m not sure which I like better: Sue’s "I won" dance or Frankie, Mike, and Axl’s complete non-reaction. Of course, Brick’s squint o’ doom when he realizes he’s not one of the four going to New York is awesome, too. There are some especially good sight gags tonight. I know we’ve seen the rushing to get ready scene on any number of shows, but I love how much action they cram into that tiny hallway in about a minute. Frankie trying to get her huge carry-on to fit is also hilarious, and I have so seen people do that in real life. Luckily for her, she likes proble-tunities. The blizzard-ridden tourist pictures and bird at the end are both classic. Read More...


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