Lights Out 1.07 "Crossroads" Review

Oh boy was this week a big week for the Leary’s and the viewers of Lights Out. It seemed that Lights Out was pushing things along to fast at first but, by the end of the episode, everything evened out and made for a great resolving finish. The question is did Lights Out entertain for the full 60 rounds (minutes) or did it dance around for a while? Well lace up those gloves, step into the ring, and read on to find out the answer.

The very first scene this week made me squeal as we finally got to see a boxing match. While we at first were only given the introductions by the ringmaster, I knew that LO would not disappoint this week. This is where our main story this week jumped off as well. The episode back tracked from here to show us the final days before the Lights vs. El Diablo match that has been teased for the past 3 episodes. Lights is still fighting against his eye injury, so naturally the fuzzy camera trick was back again this week. I can express how much I am annoyed by this and how much it really screws up my vision during the rest of the episode. Hopefully Lights gets better soon as this problem may cause viewers to avoid watching. Read More...


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