MODERN FAMILY “No Regrets” Review

MODERN FAMILY "Regrets Only" Season 2 Episode 16 - Communication issues affect all the couples, leading to misunderstandings, unusual pairings, and pretty much non-stop laughter in the "Regrets Only" episode of MODERN FAMILY.

Happy ValenBirthAversary, everyone. Enjoy the party with our other guests "anger, betrayal, terror, and sadness." Apparently my husband and I are Mitchell and Cam (I even understand mouth full of toothpaste), and I have no idea what to do with that information. Their fight over who listens/doesn’t listen ("Do you, Mitchell?") is so funny and spot-on and I very much want Cam’s "Fix it!" as a ringtone.

Poor Alex. She’s so smart and she still can’t outfox her lazy sister Haley. "I’m pregnant." Where did that excuse come from? Luke has his share of fun as Cam’s assistant, and even Lily gets in on the action with the invitations. Hee.

Claire and Gloria take center stage tonight and both are hilarious. Claire crawling through the doggie door only to get sprayed by Phil cracks me up and her massage, um, enjoyment is awesome. Jay’s mortification and Haley practically running away are icing on the cake. That the wedge salad set Claire off is tremendous, especially when contrasted with the list of sins his fantasy woman Gloria would have killed him for. "Chin up!" Read More...


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