BETTER WITH YOU “Better With a Shamrock” Review

BETTER WITH YOU "Better With a Shamrock" Episode 15 – This week’s episode of Better With You centered around Ben’s quest for a shamrock on a local bar wall of fame and Maddie and Mia fighting over attending a charity event with Vicki that neither of them originally wanted to attend.

Ben always has to find a way to try to be cool. That might very well make him uncool, but it does provide us with entertainment. Perhaps it is because I can relate to being called the wrong name by someone and then finally giving up on correcting them that I thought the entire bar yelling "Ted" when Ben walked in, was funny. What was Ben going to do once he received the shamrock if it said "Ted" on it? Luckily that problem was resolved when his arch nemesis, Nick Swisher from the New York Yankees, bought the bar. I loved the tie in from last week’s story about the unlucky leather jacket. It was also great that Swisher mistook Ben for a gay car salesman and that Ben was ready to have his shamrock read Bruce Coles just to get one. Anything for a paper design on a bar wall. Read More...


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