'Top Chef All-Stars': Deep-fried thievery, with a side of chef law


The end is almost in sight, but first the remaining chetestants will have to face one of the surliest guest judges in "Top Chef" history. Just kidding! It's Paula Deen, y'all! And you best believe she wouldn't make the trip Yankee territory if deep fryers weren't involved. Her quickfire calls for the imaginative use of frying, and as she goes through the list of things she's fried personally (read: everything), the chefs look surprised when she mentions balls of butter. They are familiar with her work, right? They start battering with a vengeance when Mike announces that he's making fried oysters. No, not that kind of oyster, plebes. He's talking about the ones in chicken armpits. This would be fine if he hadn't just heard Richard talking about making the same thing a few hours earlier... but we'll get back to that. Poor Antonia, with her delicious-looking fried avocados and shrimp, is Paula's clear...



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